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Treatments explained


Regular dental examinations are vital in maintaining good oral health.  At your examination appointment your dentist will discuss with you any dental concerns that you may have. A full thorough examination of your mouth will be carried out and xrays will be taken. Our digital xray system will process the xray and display it on our screen almost immediately. Xrays are an important tool when checking for decay and bone loss. As well as checking your teeth your dentist will also measure your gum health. A written treatment plan and estimated costs will be provided and discussed with you to ensure that you are happy with the planned treatment before it is carried out. Not only does the dentist look at your teeth and gums they will routinely look for any signs of mouth cancer.   

Root canal treatment 

On occasions where a cavity is deep and near the pulp (inner part of the tooth containing nerves) or a tooth is broken bacteria can enter and cause infection. Root canal treatment can be performed to help save the tooth. During this procedure the canals in the roots of the teeth are cleaned and filled.  The tooth does become brittle after a root canal procedure so it is always advised that crowns are fitted to protect the tooth.  


A crown is a way in which a tooth can be protected but still have functionality. It is a cap that fits over a tooth. There are many different types of crown. Full metal, metal base covered in thin porcelain, or all ceramic.  Fully porcelain crowns are ideal if you want a good aesthetic finish.    

Precious Metal Crown & Semi Precious crowns

The precious metal crown is made of gold / palladium which is very durable and is usually used where aesthetics is not so concerning i.e in back teeth, but can also be used on a front tooth. Little amount of tooth preparation is needed.

Semi precious metal is also durable but is made up of semi precious metal.

PFM (porcelain fused to metal)

This is a crown made of metal covered with porcelain and used where aesthetics is important. The appearance is of adequate standard, but can be prone to wear of the porcelain revealing the metal work. Moderate tooth preparation is needed.

All ceramic

This crown is purely made of ceramic and is of excellent aesthetics, but most tooth preparation is required.


Amalgam fillings 

Amalgam or silver fillings are the most common type of filling. They are durable and long lasting.   

Composite fillings 

Composite or resin fillings provide a cosmetic alternative to the amalgam fillings. They provide a more natural look but act in the same way that an amalgam filling would. As composite fillings are more technique sensitive they can sometimes take slightly longer to place.     














Dentures (false teeth) 

Dentures are a way in which teeth can be replaced. There are different types of dentures as well as different types of materials.  The different types of materials consist of acrylic, chrome, valplast.     












This is just one of the ways in which gaps can be replaced. A bridge is made up of two or more crowns either side of a gap that hold a false tooth (Pontic) to replace a missing tooth. A bridge is a fixed option.   

Whitening (at home tray system) 

Whitening is an effective way you can brighten your smile. At E8 Dental Care we offer the home tray system. With this system you can control how white your teeth go. On your initial appointment we will take impressions of your teeth so that custom made trays can be constructed for you. Two weeks later your dentist will see you again to check the fit of your trays and explain how to use the product effectively and most importantly safely. You will be given syringes of the product with applicator tips.   

Simple extractions 

There are many different reasons why teeth may need to be extracted. They may be unrestorable, impacted wisdom teeth that are causing ongoing problems or it may be due to periodontal (gum) disease. Most simple extractions are straight forward and we aim to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.         

Hygiene services (stain removal) 

Stain removal is quick but effective way to remove staining on your teeth. If you drink coffee, red wine or foods with strong colorants you will be more susceptible to staining. Your dentist will work around your whole mouth removing any plaque build up and staining. Finally, they will work around with a special polishing brush.   




























Veneers are a way in which you can cover chipped teeth, discolored teeth or even close gaps. Veneers fit on to the front of teeth and are made of thin porcelain. Your dentist will typically need to see you for two appointments which would be two weeks apart. One appointment to prepare the tooth and take impressions and the other to fit the veneer. Alternatively, we also offer composite veneers. These are made of a tooth colored filling material. This method can be less destructive to the tooth as less tooth tissue needs to be removed.       

This is an example of an all ceramic crown

Full acrylic denture

Partial flexi denture

Simply click on the arrows and slide left and right to view before and after stain removal



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